Monday, December 15, 2008

"Toner Low" on Brother HL 4040 printer

Okay, it's not a VB note, but it's worth sharing. My Brother 4040 printer was refusing to print due to "Toner Low" on multiple cartridges. There was plenty of toner in the cartridge, of course, but blocking the sensor holes with electrical tape did not reset the alarm. After some hunting found this article that describes how to reset the internal page count for the cartridge. The specific instructions for the 4040 were buried in the article, so here they are:

(1) open front door
(2) hold down Cancel button
(3) press Reprint button

The Devices Reset menu appears. Arrow up/down to find your cartridge. I reset both H and S settings for both M and C cartridges

After closing the front door a "Drum Error" appeared. Rather than hunting down the cause I manually reseated both the M and C cartridges and the error disappeared.


Casey said...

Thank you I will use this information. I am considering buying an hl4040cn I have heard there are some issues with the color quality.
My biggest concern is being able to refill the toners without too many hassles.


Karen Gallagher said...

Thank you! It worked!!!!! Much appreciation from a small business owner!