Thursday, December 11, 2008

Access Denied error when building DLL - unable to set permissions on XML documentation file

Trying to build a Visual Basic DLL in Visual Studio 2008 was throwing an "access denied" error every time because the XML documentation file in the OBJ\Release directory could not be overwritten.

Ran into a brick wall trying to change owner of the XML file. I can't change the permissions on my own file as Administrator, WTF? Thanks MSFT for wasting more of my time with Vista!

Finally found a clue here that all I had to do was de-select the XML documentation option for the project, on the Project settings, Compile window.

I would like to know how that XML documentation got selected in the first place, possibly some auto-setting during the upgrade from VS 2005. Mystifying because the DLL built fine after the upgrade, but a couple months later when I edit the code and try to rebuild it fails.

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