Friday, November 14, 2008

Flickering cursor when viewing help

Symptom: when you hit F1 to access help the cursor on the doc explorer window flickers continuously.

MSFT says it's a bug.

A workaround is suggested here, you switch options from "online only" to "Local first, then online", and remove the "Codezone" and "Questions" online targets. I found it works at first, but fails on subsequent searches.

Clicking on the scroll bar seems to work better, it stops the flicker in VS2008 Pro on my Vista box

VS2008 does not allow multiple select

TOTALLY INCOMPREHENSIBLE decision by VS2008 product management, but you cannot select more than one control on a web form in Visual Studio 2008.

Microsoft confirms this in a couple places, like here (scroll to bottom, note the correction to the documentation) and here

WTF? Can you release an IDE that doesn't support multiselect? I guess so.

Maybe it's the same product managers who added UAC to Vista? Who else could release "enhanced" security that you disable to make the operating system usable.